White folks, we have some work to do

1. Education:

We cannot speak about systematic racism, we cannot hold an intelligent conversation about racism, we cannot actively fight against racism, we cannot educate our students, our children, and our family on how to be anti-racist if we don’t have a basic knowledge of racism and the history of systematic racism in North America.

2. Self Awareness:

“We come to understand who we are, by understanding who we are not.” writes academic, educator, and author, Robin DeAngelo. Many of us are listening to a single White narrative that permeates what we read, what we watch, and who we listen to. It shapes the way we teach, parent, write, work, and think. In order for us to delve beyond the surface of racism, we need to spend some time in vigilant self-awareness.

3. Discomfort:

Dena Simmons writes, “We cannot afford to wallow in our discomfort regarding issues of race and equity.”

4. Action:

So far, the previous three steps can take place without us ever having to get up off our couch. This is problematic.



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