Opinion: On Teaching in Alberta

the mental health challenges that aren’t being discussed

Instead of providing the necessary supports, the government passed the responsibility over to the public school system. In other worlds, to us, the teachers.

They transform the way you teach, the way you view your administration, and the way you look at your government.

I was never going to allow myself to get to a place where I could not pick myself up off the floor.

As the clock started ticking towards a new school year, I watched Alberta’s dismissive response to creating a responsible and comprehensive back to school plan.

However, my concern increases daily as Alberta’s provincial government performs a well orchestrated dance of denial, disengagement, and refusal to look at the challenges teachers face such as overcrowded classrooms and underfunded schools.

Teachers, let me be clear, if you try to fix the complex issues that our government has passed onto you this school year… you will end up on the kitchen floor.

“Self-love is the foundation of our loving practice. Without it our other efforts to love fail.”



Writer, educator, and storyteller. Creator of http://storieswithinus.ca

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